NYC Mission 2015—We Prayed and God Answered

Photo Credit: Jonathan Bryant
A couple weeks ago, I was privileged to join a team from First Baptist at the Mall to work with members of another First Baptist—Primera Iglesia Buatista Hispaña de Manhattan—to host a Christian Summer Camp. The work we were assigned to prepare was standard VBS: crafts, games, and music. But as with any short-term mission, we were able to watch God take these ordinary building blocks and work out something really extraordinary! We prayed and God answered. Below are some of these answers to prayer, told by members of the team.

1. God granted peace.

In our team meetings prior to leaving for New York, we prayed that God would join us together as a family with a common mission. Esther Smith writes about God’s answer: "What a remarkable mission trip we had to NYC July 11-18! God blended our group from the beginning. Never was there a cross or irritable word between us. I was so very proud of our young people Grace and Harmonie. They both showed maturity well beyond their years."

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