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Crazy Talk: A Not-So-Stuffy Dictionary of Theologial Terms
I was reading a delightful little book the other day, called Crazy Talk: A Not-So-Stuffy Dictionary of Theological Terms. I found it valuable for two reasons. First, the book serves as a reminder that theology is a study intended for the church, not only for theologians. It is far too easy to think otherwise, that theology is too difficult for the average person in the pew. Not so. The Bible is a collection of books the point of which may be understood even by children. This book is a good reminder of that.

Second, the authors continually point the reader back to the gospel—Jesus Christ died and was raised in order to save sinners from the guilt and penalty of their sin. The reality of our sin is presented on nearly every page of this book.

Here is an excerpt that was particularly encouraging. The authors' gospel focus is evident in their definition of a pastor:
Here is the first thing that you need to know about pastors: they are sinners just like you are. In fact, the reason they became pastors is that they knew the power of sin in their own lives so intimately that they wanted to preach the love, forgiveness, and power of God full-time.
Pastors are not perfect. Martin Luther pointed out in the first of 95 theses that when Jesus said, "Repent," he "willed that the whole life of believers should be repentance." Pastors are like every other believer in that they recognize their own sinfulness and need for Christ's forgiveness. That gives me hope, because that forgiveness is available to those who, by faith, live a life of repentance.

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