Thursday, May 25, 2017

What am I listening to?

I thought I would link to four podcasts I've found interesting and helpful recently.

The Thinking Fellows The Thinking Fellows. This is a project of 1517 Legacy. The hosts are pastors and scholars Rod Rosenbladt, Scott Keith, Adam Francisco, and Caleb Keith. They are currently running through a series on the protestant reformation. This series is interesting and informative, and spiritually helpful. My favorite recent episode is Episode 58 on Friendship.
White Horse Inn White Horse Inn. White Horse Inn is a podcast developed by Michael Horton of Westminster Seminary California together with Kim Riddlebarger, Rod Rosenbladt, and Ken Jones. Every week, they podcast a conversation to help evangelical Christians remember "their biblical roots and the rich faith and practice...that [has] been largely abandoned in the mad dash to relevance." [1]
The Thinking Fellows Virtue in the Wasteland. This is also a part of the 1517 Legacy Project. It's a podcast about culture, religion, and ethics, hosted by Dr. Jeff Mallinson and Dr. Daniel van Voorhis.
The Mortification of Spin The Mortification of Spin. Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, and Aimee Byrd host this podcast. This is a new one on my list. I think they're clear and helpful thinkers.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Daily Bible Reading

It's already February 2, and it may be too late to make new years' resolutions, but it's never too late to get back into a regular habit of Bible Reading. Here are a few resources that may be helpful.

Bible Reading Plans
  1. M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan. This is an old classic. Four chapters per day. You will read through the New Testament and Psalms twice and the rest of the Old Testament once.
  2. M'Cheyne Two-year Plan. This plan gives you two chapters per day instead of four. It just expands the original M'Cheyne plan across two years.
  3. 52 Week Bible Plan. This plan dedicates each day of the week to a different genre in the Bible: Epistles, The Law, History, Psalms, Poetry, Prophecy, and Gospels.
  4. Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading Plan. This plan is unique. You read ten chapters per day, in ten different sections of the Bible. This plan will help you, over time, get a big-picture overview of the Bible.
  5. 5x5x5 Bible Reading Plan. This plan will take you through the New Testament in a year.
  6. Chronological Bible Reading Plan. This will take you through the Bible in the chronological order the events happened.
  7. Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan. This will take you through the Bible in a year in four readings each day. There are 25 readings each month, allowing for weekends or catch-up days.
  8. ESV Daily Bible Reading Plan. From Crossway. Read through the Bible in a year in four readings each day.
  9. Tabletalk Bible Reading Plan. From Ligonier. Read the Bible in a year with one reading from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament.
Daily Devotion Resources
  1. Prayer Guide
  2. Journaling Guide

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A Story of Two Kings

Text: Luke 2:1-20

Merry Christmas! God bless you all. I’m happy to see you all here today. What better way is there to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ than to gather with his family on the Lord’s Day?

Last week in the English Service we read Luke chapter 1, and we learned about Mary’s visit to Elizabeth. We were able to see three appropriate responses to the fact that Jesus Christ will be arriving soon. In addition, though, we were able to think about how we can respond appropriately and faithfully, knowing that Jesus Christ will be coming back again soon.

But now it’s Christmas! Many of you have already received presents. I believe the children received presents from the church last week. My family had a tradition that we would always open one gift on Christmas Eve.

Now it’s Christmas. In our Scripture reading today, we learn about some of the circumstances of Jesus’ birth. We will look more closely at the details of that story today, but first, I want to point out that we’re reading a story about two kings. It’s a contrast between two kings. We very briefly meet the emperor, Caesar Augustus. Then we meet a little baby, born in a manger. These are two very different stories. But as we look closer at these stories, we will learn something about ourselves, about God, and about the world God has created.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Ministry Update (23 Dec 2016)

Dear friends,

Merry Christmas! I'm nearing the end of my second week in New York, so I believe it may be time for a quick update.
  1. To date, I have preached in two English language services and I will preach Christmas Morning in a combined service. My text will be Luke 2:1-20. With each Sunday, I feel more comfortable. Please pray that I am able to protect my preparation time and use it faithfully so that I am more able to communicate the gospel clearly and effectively.
  2. I mentioned the combined service. If you are not aware, Brooklyn Chinese Baptist Church (BCBC) is one church with three language congregations: one in Cantonese, one in English, and one in Mandarin. On the first Sunday of each month, and on other significant holidays, the church holds a single combined service with translation.
  3. Ordinarily my primary responsibility at the church will be the English congregation (preaching on Sundays and overseeing the Wednesday Prayer Meeting and Friday Bible Study, and teaching our "101" class in English). Additionally, Lord willing, I will be teaching English in the BCBC Teaching Center (with Davis College), and conducting a weekly chapel at our After School Program. Please pray for diligence and faithfulness to the work. Please pray that God will help me with organization and time management.
  4. I feel like I’m adjusting pretty well from Lakeland, FL to Brooklyn, NY. People have been asking me what it’s like to move between two places that are so different from each other. My answer is that the differences are not really that great, it’s just that there are a lot of small differences. The winter is colder here. I’m ministering in a different cultural context than I grew up in. I have to find different stores to buy groceries and other necessities. But other than these things, life is pretty normal. My pastor and pastor’s wife have made me feel like family, and my English congregation have been very welcoming. Please pray with me that I would continue to make friends and be even better integrated into my new church family. Please pray that I would get up to speed quickly so I can focus on teaching and pastoral care. Please pray that I am able to make contact with and establish relationships with various professionals such as a personal Doctor and a CPA.
  5. During the week after Christmas, we are privileged to host a team of missionaries who have come to New York through our local association (MNYBA) to bring the gospel to the City during this Christmas Season. They will be helping us run “Winterfest,” a Christmas outreach to children in the neighborhood. There will be games and other festivities, and we will invite the children to come back for programs that run through the year like VBS and After School. The missionaries will also help us with an event on New Year’s Eve called “Good News in Chinatown” where we will pass out 1000 gifts around the neighborhood with a gospel tract and an invitation to the church. Please pray for the missionaries as they prepare to arrive and for the people who will receive gifts and invitations to BCBC.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Three faithful responses to our coming King

Text: Luke 1:39-56

As of today, we have one week left until Christmas. Christmas is a season with a lot of built in anticipation. That’s entirely normal. Children anticipate gifts. People anticipate Christmas parties. A lot of people anticipate time off from work or school to spend with their families or friends over the holidays.

The city goes all out to prepare for Christmas. There’s the tree at Rockefeller Center. Restaurants and department stores put in a lot of effort to encourage people to walk through their doors this month. I read about one restaurant in Gramercy Park that spends $60,000 every year to decorate and prepare the restaurant for the season.

I think that holiday anticipation is exciting for us here at BCBC, for two reasons. First, it can help us think about and meditate on Jesus. And second, because of all the holiday excitement around us, we are able to participate in a lot of good outreach, evangelism, and ministry in our community.

Sometimes, though, the anticipation for the holidays is not always positive. Some people have to live with difficult memories of the holidays. They’ve lost a parent or friend or a child or a husband or wife. For them the holiday season brings memory of grief rather than anticipation of happiness.

What am I listening to?

I thought I would link to four podcasts I've found interesting and helpful recently. The Thinking Fellows . This is ...